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Cyndi George

Owner / Pilates Instructor / Yoga Instructor

Cyntia George longer hair

Cyndi grew up in Indiana with a cheerleading, dance, and gymnastic background and ran the Indiana University IUFIT program as part of her graduate assistantship. 

She has lived all over the US and in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where she was the 1st Woman Athletic & Physical Education Director for the American School Foundation of Guadalajara. 

She has taught elementary through University classes in Health, Physical Education, Nutrition, and Recreational Sports. 

The studio name comes from her nickname. Growing up she was always “Cyndi Sunshine” which then became Cynshine. 

Her goal is to build a community where she and her staff can educate clients on how and why their bodies move and compensate and then teach them how to move with more efficiency, fluidity, and more importantly without pain.


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Yoga Alliance
Reiki Master