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National Scoliosis Awareness Month!

I got UR BACK for scoliosis training! It's National Scoliosis Awareness Month! Do you have a C Curve ...
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rusting from the inside out

Free Radicals and Your Health

The S3 Scanner provides a snapshot of how well your current dietary habits and supplements are protecting your ...
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Why REIKI? Tis the Start of the Season

Whether you are ready or not the Holiday season is coming faster and faster upon us and with ...
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Take Just a Moment for Yourself

How do I even meditate? I can’t sit still that long… That question, my friends, is the beginning ...
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Zen for the Holidays

Here we are; I mean, what happened to October? It was just here and then BOOM! Here comes ...
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Make a New Year’s – Chopped Up – Resolution

So many people make resolutions with such good intentions but they often lose steam by week two. And ...
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Are You Reaching a Higher Vibration?

What does a higher vibration mean to you? If you have found yourself stepping away from the drama ...
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Therapeutic Pilates-Based Exercise

My Head feels like it weighs about 40 pounds by the end of the day. That statement isn’t ...
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How Cool is Our Grey Matter

Our brain is so amazing! Not only does it figure out and coordinate movement but it also allows ...
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