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6.17.2021 I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the host of the Arizona Daily Mix Show – Brad Perry of about all things Cynshine – everything from Alastair McLoughlin’s – McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, to David Weinstock’s – Neurokinetic Therapy®, to Active Isolated Stretching® – The Aaron Mattes Method, to Stott® Pilates and Meghann Koppell Duffy and Mariska Breland’s – Pilates for Neurological Disorders®. Hope you enjoy it and if you are interested in learning more about any of the modalities that I use including the McLoughin Scar Tissue Release® either as a client or to learn how to do it please send me a message. I work with all types of movement modifications for PIlates movement from age, CP, MS, Parkinson’s, stroke recovery, fibro, flexibility issues and more. I would be really surprised if I cannot help you move better and without pain. Text or call with any questions: 480.824.3776 Click Here 👇 or Click Here 👉 Arizona Daily Mix to see the 4 minute clip!