Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Cynshine™ Interview

I cannot thank the

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce enough for their assistance in keeping small business alive especially during this past year! Sarah made this interview a pleasant experience! And yes…..I do move around a lot and use my hands. #grateful If you are looking for increased range of motion, alleviating chronic pain, scars and how they are affecting your body, or want to get stronger with Pilates I hope you will choose to schedule an appointment or take one of my seminars. Cynshine™ – A Pilates & Integrated Movement Studio featuring McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release, Neurokinetic Therapy®, Active Isolated Stretching®, Barefoot Strong®, Pilates for Neurological Disorders, and Merrithew Stott® Pilates and Reiki with Crystal reiki treatments. Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do!

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