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Here we go!!! I hope everyone’s entrance into the New 2022 was fabulous! I’m so beyond blessed to have each of you in my life and grateful for our journey together! Wishing you “Grace” to just “BE you in 2022.” Wishing you moments each day to “Pause”, to “Breathe” and to “Look” around for TGM’s (Tiny Grateful Moments.) And remember that LOVE is so powerful it comes back to you in abundance.

Maybe take a different route home, go to a new restaurant, smile while driving or sing at the top of your lungs in your car- give a random person a well-deserved compliment. Continue to be a Kind Human and when you can’t be kind – simply be quiet.

What I have learned – is there someone who doesn’t share your views or agree with you? Let them go, you won’t change their mind. Is there someone who said something to hurt you? Let them go, it isn’t your burden to carry. Is there someone who just doesn’t like you? or wishes ugliness or gossip towards you? You know those people who steal your joy put you down or are just waiting for you to fail? By all means let them go, their negativity is their burden to carry not yours – give it back to the source. Be a mirror and reflect it back you don’t own it – it wasn’t yours. We were put on this earth to make it a better place and to dwell on anything else simply robs us of our joy. There is a beautiful forest out there amongst all the trees. Surround yourself with people who appreciate all your glitter and sparkle and make you feel like sunshine!

So, wishing you a prosperous New Year of Health, Happiness, Joy, Positivity and abundant LOVE.