Make a New Year’s – Chopped Up – Resolution

Make a New Year’s – Chopped Up – Resolution

So many people make resolutions with such good intentions but they often lose steam by week two. And with that comes guilt, shame, depression about not being able to stick to the resolution and then ultimately most people just give up.

So how to fix it?

Start with smaller chunks

There’s an old adage that there is only way to eat an elephant and that is to chop it up into little, tiny, bites. This can also hold true with New Year’s Resolutions.

First of all – Ask yourself do you really want to have a New years Resolution? I mean there is so much hype around making one. Maybe you choose not to have one? Just a thought.

If you do want to make a resolution, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Weight Loss Goal – Chop It Up

Instead of 50 pounds shoot for 10 pounds by day 45. And then imagine yourself at day 45 ten pounds lighter and look back to see how you made that happen.

· Ask for help from a support partner

· Cut out soda

· Cut down on alcohol

· Eat a salad for breakfast

· Have your biggest meal before noon

Get A New Job – Chop It Up

· Clean up your resume by week 1

· Contact references by week 2

· Check online job posting websites week 3

Spend Less Time On Social Media – Chop It Up

· Start with no SM on the weekends

· Move to no SM on MWF

· Only check SM at a certain times of day

Disconnect from your cell phone – Chop It Up

· Set specific times to shut your phone off

· Put your phone away at meal time – yes, every meal

· Put your phone away in the car

· Talk to random strangers!

These are just ideas. Think of options that fit your needs and lifestyle. But always remember to Chunk It Up!! Smaller milestones sometimes are just enough to keep you motivated to continue the journey!

If you do slip up, simply reset, restart and try again.

Namaste y’all

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