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I got UR BACK for scoliosis training!

It’s National Scoliosis Awareness Month!

Do you have a C Curve or an S Curve? Are you in pain?

👉”Scoliosis” means crookedness.

👉Ancient Greeks are believed to have been the first ones to document scoliosis and that was in 400 B.C.

👉650 A.D. was the first time a brace was used for scoliosis.

👉 Did you know that wooden sticks were once used to improve the backs of patients with scoliosis?

The photo is my X-RAY.  It shows my Sexy S-curve of my scoliosis.  My S curve affects both my lumbar spine and my thoracic spine.  And yes, some days are better than others.  The good news is that is manageable incorporating specific Pilates strengthening exercises and stretching. One of my specialties is working directly with clients presenting with Neurological Disorders.  Since I have scoliosis myself, it gives me incredible insight as to the pain and struggle of the scoliotic client.  My training in the field of neurological movement has taught me HOW to work WITH your SEXY CURVES and Not AGAINST them. 🙋‍♀️I know you are probably saying to yourself,  “WHAT?  Really?” My answer is YES!   I will teach you techniques and strategies specifically for scoliosis.  These strategies will help you move easier and find stability on even on your more “painful days.” 🤔 Are you Curious?

Please text or call to 👉Schedule your appointment today 480.824.3776

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