Neurokinetic Therapy®

Neurokinetic Therapy® NKT® is an amazing Holistic complementary health modality. NKT works with the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and health to psychological, neurological, and physiological function.

 Injury, Blocks, or stresses prevent smooth energetic transmission, affecting the functioning of our bodies, resulting in changes in energy. Muscle testing involves challenging the bio-feedback mechanism present in all muscles to reveal imbalances within the body. The findings may manifest themselves as physical pain, mental discomfort, and the many expressions of disease. These can include allergies, depression, postural problems, poor performance levels, learning and relationship difficulties, digestive and nervous disorders – whatever the presenting problem, the system is saying it is malfunctioning and to pay attention. 

The real goal of any neurokinetic treatment is to identify the root cause of any imbalance and then resolve it. It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic, or even spiritual – something as simple as an attitude, or a forgotten memory. 

Muscle testing gives instant access to holistic information held by the core operating unit of the entire body-mind system – the subconscious. This normally inaccessible neural substrate holds all our memories, information about physical, emotional, mental, and energetic states, and also determines our muscle tension. Accessing the bio-system, allows the practitioner to quickly determine the specific strategy to best reinstate the body’s balance.

Even at the most subtle levels, the body is already aware of what is needed to facilitate healing. What the NKT therapist is able to do, is unravel the mystery of is actually the main issue and facilitate the natural healing process.
The gentle nature of Neurokinetic Therapy makes it suitable for people of any age, from children through to the elderly, it has no limitations on its application or benefits.

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