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Pilates for Neurological Disorders®  Meghann Koppele and Mariska Breland founded The Neuro Studio, and training program focused on neurological disorders. Cyndi has been through both the beginning and advanced training programs with Meghann.  The Neuro protocol, not only makes movement accessible and obtainable for anyone and especially those dealing with neurological conditions but it is also fun and builds on the neuroplasticity of the brain.

What is Pilates for Neurological Disorders®?

Pilates for Neurological Disorders® is designed specifically for those people that have been diagnosed with MS, CP, Parkinson’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Dystonia, Scoliosis, Arthritis, and the aging athlete. Every client manifests their particular disorder differently. Each session will focus on your common problematic muscle groups and symptoms including but not limited to: balance issues, weakness, and gait abnormalities.  Movement should feel good and we will challenge the brain’s neuroplasticity by learning new movement patterns and creating new neuromuscular pathways. Having fun “gamification” is important just as is intense exercises to challenge new pathways. Teaching functional exercises improves strength and provides functional improvements to assist gait and balance. Your session might include any combination of the following pieces of equipment:  Cadillac, Reformer, JuvoBoard®, Ladder Barrel, Mat exercises, etc.  Our goal is to meet you where you are and get you moving to where you want to be. 

 Pilates for Neuro adapts traditional Pilates movements with functional neurological exercises that stimulate the PNS and ANS nervous systems using The Neuro Studio’s system of joint centration, reflexive stability and other tried and true techniques aimed to optimize the body’s posture, movement, vision, balance by fine-tuning the brain body connection on a neurological level.

 Any neurological shift or condition from, genetically predisposed conditions, or acquired from surgery or injury affects how the brain communicates with the body via the spinal cord through our central and peripheral nervous system. This neurological shift will cause the body to compensate and move in a different way. Add scar tissue or fibrotic scar tissue into the mix and now balance and typical movement patterns become even more compromised. 

Cyndi completed her fellowship with The Neuro Studio under Meghann Kopple-Duffy and continues her mentorship to keep abreast of the latest in this fascinating topic. She has S-curve Scoliosis herself along with 2 back surgeries due to degenerative discs and spondylosis, so she understands how painful neuro conditions can be and how movement and strengthening is more than important, it is imperative in keeping the body healthy. So do not let your age or condition dictate what you can and cannot do! The good news is that there is help and hope!