Playing Red Light Green Light in Pilates?

Anyone else watch the Red Light-Green Light game on Squid Games? 😮 I think I need therapy!

Good thing in At Cynshine, in our small group Pilates classes and private sessions, we actually appreciate the little movements and adjustments your body makes and we PROMISE, no one gets eliminated. ♥

We want to teach you how to move more fluidly, without pain and without overcorrecting every single movement. Please bring us ALL your little tiny movement “go-to patterns.” They tell us something about how your body feels safe and how it likes to move.

👉 If something hurts or catches or doesn’t feel right – in class or in daily movement there is a reason. Your body is smart the pain or discomfort is simply getting your attention 🛑 so…why not pay attention?

🤔Do you defer to crossing your ankles on the famous 100’s or drop your heels or bringing your knees into your chest during any table top movement? Something hurt right? Hip flexors maybe or lower back? Were you told your abs aren’t strong enough? Or maybe were told, your hip flexors are overworking or not strong enough?? The problem isn’t your heels, ankles, knees or even abs….. The problem might be simply your body is looking to stabilize your hips and you do not own that particular movement pattern yet. So, just uncrossing the ankles or moving your spine further into “imprint” won’t fix that issue, as it just invites another compensation pattern to creep in. Going faster through a movement won’t fix it either, the springs just get a good work out and you get a free ride.

Pilates isn’t a race to the finish line…it’s a journey. Let us help get you to where you want to be from where you started. ❌👉👉⭕ Baby steps No extra credit given at Cynshine Pilates & Integrated Movement for rushing through an exercise. SPEED HIDES NEED say that again…. SPEED HIDES NEED and slowing down is harder than it looks my friends!

At Cynshine we break the movement pattern down, perform it slower with different cues that resonate with you. ⚡Newsflash: YOUR body is YOUR body AND it is different than the person next to you. You may need a completely different cue or strategy that will click in your grey matter 🧠 to integrate. Maybe you have scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis or shoulder surgery or……. The thing is “everyBODY” is different.

Can you feel the difference between GRIPPING and Reflexively STABILIZING? NO? Not to worry you are in good company! The difference is huge – so train with a professional. #Pilatesforneurologicaldisorders #pilates #stottpilates #certifiedstottinstructor #pilatesgilbert #pilateschandler #pilatestempe #pilatesscottsdale #Pilatesmesa #pilateseastvalley #bestpilatesgilbert2021 #OwnYourMovement #painistellingyousomething #speedhidesneed #belocalgilbert #discovergilbert #gilberttownsquare #gilbertaz #gilbertchambermember #supportsmallbusiness

So, anyone want to play Red Light Green Light? JK (Recall joke) BUTTT… I appreciate any comments or questions below and feel free to share. Thanks for your support!

Cynshine – Because Flexibility and Strength should feel good!

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