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 McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR), Reiki, Neuro Movement MSTR, and Cynshine® Scar & Energy Healing.

MSTR scar release

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® at Cynshine®

Discover the specialized techniques of McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® to effectively manage and rehabilitate scar tissue. This course offers evidence-based practices developed over decades, focusing on restoring mobility and reducing pain and scar visibility through this effective non invasive technique. Ideal for practitioners aiming to expand their skill set, this program promises to elevate your therapeutic impact.

muscle testing for rec fem (quad) Neurokinetic therapy

NeuroMovement Therapist Scar Course at Cynshine®

Join our cutting-edge collaboration between the Principles of The NeuroStudio® and the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® designed especially for Neuro Movement Therapists.  Expand your client reach and success with the NeuroMovement: “Scars Don’t Lie” course and explore the nexus of neuroscience principles, movement therapy, and scar management. This course delves into the neuromuscular and emotional impact of scars, particularly in clients with neurological conditions, using a combination of McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® and innovative movement therapy techniques from The NeuroStudio®. Perfect for healthcare professionals seeking to advance their understanding and practice.

Reiki energy work

Reiki Training at Cynshine® 

Experience the transformative power of Reiki with our comprehensive three-level program at Cynshine®. Begin your journey with Level 1 (Shoden), learning the basics of channeling life force energy for self-healing. Advance to Level 2 (Okuden), where you’ll acquire powerful symbols and techniques to deepen your healing capabilities. Achieve mastery with Level 3 (Shinpiden), empowering you to teach and spread healing within your community. Our unique course is like no other as our curriculum is one of a kind and incorporates essential oils, crystals, and sound healing to enhance your holistic practice.

Assisted Active Isolated Stretching for proximal hamstrings

Assisted Active Isolated Stretching for Pilates Instructors at Cynshine®

Elevate your Pilates, Personal Training and Yoga private sessions teaching with our Pilates Assisted Active Isolated Stretching course. Learn how to integrate Aaron Mattes’ renowned stretching technique into your movement and corrective exercise sessions, enhancing client flexibility and mobility on various apparatus including the Mat, Cadillac, and Reformer. This program is designed to enrich your expertise and offer your clients a more profound and effective stretching protocol and wellness experience. If you’re interested in this course and want to be the first to know about upcoming dates, please click the button below.


Energy Pathways Scar Treatment at Cynshine®

Explore the dynamic field of energy healing with our upcoming Energy Pathways Scar Treatment course, designed for practitioners interested in the energetic impact of scars. This program will guide you through understanding and correcting disruptions in the body’s energy flow, including meridian lines and chakra imbalances, caused by scar tissue. Enhance your skills in detecting and healing energy blockages, and prepare to bring holistic balance to your clients. If you’re interested in this course and want to be the first to know about upcoming dates, please click the button below.


The effectiveness and value of the MSTR® certification course are best described by those who’ve experienced it first hand – both practitioners and their clients. Here’s a peek into their journeys:


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