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Explore a world of in-depth workshops and continuing education classes, designed to elevate your practice in
 McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR), Reiki, Neuro Movement MSTR, and Cynshine® Scar & Energy Healing.

Neurokinetic therapy

Workshop Offerings:

Delve into specialized sessions thoughtfully crafted by Cyndi. Each workshop provides a deep dive into healing methodologies – empowering you to broaden your skills and offer more to your clients.


Advance your expertise with our continuing education classes and explore the intricacies of MSTR, Reiki, Neuro Movement, and Cynshine® Scar & Energy Healing. Each class is designed to refine your practice – offering advanced techniques and insights that translate to healing outcomes for your clients.


The effectiveness and value of the MSTR® certification course are best described by those who’ve experienced it first hand – both practitioners and their clients. Here’s a peek into their journeys:


A: The skills and techniques learned in our workshops and classes are designed to be directly applicable in your practice. You’ll gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience that you can integrate into your services, enhancing your offerings and the well-being of your clients.

A: Both! We offer our workshops and continuing education classes in both in-person and online formats to cater to various learning preferences and circumstances.

A: To register, simply submit a form and indicate which services you are interested in. We’ll guide you through the rest of the registration process from there!

A: Absolutely! At Cynshine®, we provide ongoing support throughout your journey. Post-completion, we offer mentorship opportunities to ensure you continue to grow and apply the knowledge gained effectively in your practice.

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Embark on a journey of continuous learning with Cynshine’s ® diverse offerings. Expand your healing toolkit, enrich your practice, and make a difference in the lives you touch.


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