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Reiki Workshops with Attunement

I invite you to step into a transformative journey into the world of Reiki, a practice that has profoundly shaped my life and the lives of countless others. My introduction to Reiki was serendipitous, sparked by the gentle insistence of my sister who recognized an intuitive gift within me. In 2011, she enrolled me in a workshop and declared, “You are doing this.” Initially skeptical, I took the leap, unaware of the meaningful impact it would have. 


As I progressed from Level 1 to Level 3 Master, I felt a deep calling to share this healing modality with the world. Reiki illuminated the intricate dance of energy fields, fostering love and positivity within and around us. Witnessing its power firsthand, from aiding my mother’s stroke recovery to comforting a friend in grief, solidified my dedication. 

Each client session is a unique journey, where tears release, tension melts, and peace prevails, even in the span of a brief 30 minutes. One remarkable instance involved a collective long-distance healing session that facilitated a miraculous recovery for a gentleman in Ukraine, defying medical expectations. These awe-inspiring moments underscore the beauty and potency of Reiki, compelling me to impart this sacred practice to others. 

I decided to infuse crystal energy from the natural rocks around us with the frequency and energy of essential oils and the vibrational healing tones of crystal bowls into my Reiki treatments. Inspired by the profound effects of these combinations, I wanted to teach others how to integrate these powerful elements into their practice. Therefore, I have included an introduction to crystals, essential oils, and sound frequency in Reiki Level 1, and we dive deeper into these areas in Levels 2 and the Master level. This comprehensive approach enables my students to provide more well-rounded and effective Reiki treatments.



Reiki level 1, the beginner teachings, is the energetic process of teaching you how to turn on your light and appreciate the Reiki principles.

During the 21 days following Reiki 1 attunement you will come to know yourself deeper and generally, anything needing healing or attention in your life, be it emotionally or physically or even toxic relationships may bubble to the surface and pass as they will no longer serve a purpose.

Many will refer to this as a healing crisis, but it is more of a peeling away of things that are just holding space without function in your life and many times energy drainers.

In Level 1, you’ll not only explore the rich history of Reiki but also delve into an introduction to the chakras, basic essential oils, crystals, and sound. These elements are integrated to enhance your understanding and foster the development of your intuitive Reiki practice.

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Reiki level 2 or second degree focuses predominantly on the mental and emotional aspects of a Reiki Treatment.

You will gain access to a higher vibration and further develop a sharper awareness of yourself. This is primarily around your emotional status.

Both the frequency and flow of energy that travels through you will be exponentially higher at this level.

In Level 2, you’ll delve into the sacred symbols of Reiki used for treatment, mastering the art of conducting long-distance sessions. Additionally, you’ll explore advanced techniques involving a wider array of essential oils, crystals, and sound healing. These enhancements not only amplify your intuitive abilities but also enrich the healing experience for your clients.


Dai Ko Myo or the Master Symbol is introduced at Reiki level 3 where you start focusing on the spiritual aspects of Reiki. The third degree is considered to be the Master Level, and it’s also known as “Mystery Teachings Level”.

At the first degree, you get introduced to Reiki and learn to work at a physical level.

With Reiki Level 2 you discover the mental and emotional fundamental teaching.

And now, at Reiki 3rd degree, you move to spiritual awakening as well as significantly increase your ability to channel the universal life force energy.

In the Master level course, you’ll explore the significance of the Reiki master symbol and receive the attunements necessary to harness its power. You’ll also gain expertise in the attunement process, empowering you to share and teach the gift of Reiki to others. Additionally, we’ll delve into practical aspects such as crafting a business plan and implementing simple yet effective marketing strategies tailored for social media. Furthermore, you’ll receive guidance on sourcing supplies for crystals, oils, and bowls to enhance your Reiki practice.