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dr kathy dooley

Dr. Kathy Dooley Msc, DC

Watch and learn from Dr. Kathy Dooley these clips will explain  Diaphragm.  Resetting the Diaphragm,   Supine 90/90 breathing  Crocodile breathing.

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Cyndi George MSc Advanced Active Isolated Stretching

Follow along with Cyndi as she takes you through Active Isoalted Stretching- The Aaron Mattes Method.   Fingers & Hands    Toes & Feet     Distal Hamstrings   Proximal Hamstrings   Torso

dr emily splichal

Dr. Emily Splichel DPM, MS, CES

Dr Emily explains: Releasing the foot  SHORT FOOT Posterior Pelvis Reset for Coccydynia, Pregnancy, SI Joint and Back Pain   Foot pronation and flat feet 

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dr perry color

Dr. Perry Nickleston DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA

Dr Perry teaches Lymphatic Mojo and Primal Movements.  Check out the BEST 4 visceral releases for pain and inflammation in the body.  Try Relaxing with Vagus lift

dr stewart gillespie

Dr. Stewart Gillespie DC, is a Chiropractor and Osteopath specializing in Functional Medicine

Dr. Stewart discussed the Immune system and your environment and the type of immune system you have.

alastair mcloughlin

Alastair McLoughlin Designer of MSTR®

Alastair talks all about McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release scars in this podcast with Dr Perry on Stop Chasing Pain Podcast.

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