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Cyndi is very knowledgeable. She works scar magic on my knee! Even my orthopedic surgeon is impressed by how great my 6" scar looks! Can hardly see it!
I am impressed by Cyndi's knowledge about the different modalities she uses in her studio. But I am blown away by the depth of her caring for her clients. Forget 101%! She goes 200% to help you get the results you want.
What a terrific studio and great experience. It starts when you walk in the door, such a calming, yet energizing environment. I've never used Pilates machines before, so Cyndi George made sure that I understood the purpose of each movement and how to complete it properly. She's attentive and knows her stuff. The workout was excellent, and I felt great afterward. I look forward to my next session! Thanks, Cyndi!
Best Yoga/Pilates studio in Gilbert! Luckily Cynshine opened near my work and I have been taking yoga classes during lunch. The studio is intimate and serene, the best escape from sitting all day. No matter your Zen level, Cyndi makes sure you are set up for success. She is super knowledgeable and personable. I can't wait to explore the other classes and workshops.
Cyndi is all about making sure you understand everything she is doing and why she is doing it. Her passion and knowledge are amazing, you have to go see her!


Erik Kline
Erik Kline
19:23 13 Oct 23
I had pain in my shoulder for a number of years and tried everything under the sun to fix it, but only got short term relief. For the amazing healer Cyndi, all it took was a single session of Scar Tissue Release. It’s been 3 months and I am still without pain! I had all but given up hope of ever getting back to my active lifestyle. I am SO grateful I found Cynshine. It has been a true blessing. Thank you!
Rebecca Moos
Rebecca Moos
12:55 29 Sep 23
Cyndi is a miracle worker! After one scar treatment, the tension in my chest, neck and shoulders has disappeared. I have had tight chest muscles for over 20 years from a breast reduction surgery and the SCAR treatment took it away in 1 hour! I am so grateful to the work Cyndi is doing and spreading to the world because it truly is life-changing.I also had a scar treatment on both feet where my ligaments were repaired and on a tattoo. The difference in stability and balancing on a single leg has changed and the ability to feel all my toes wiggling is astonishing. I truly am a believer in this work and will be back for more scar treatments.I also intend to learn from Cyndi and offer this miracle work to my own patients!!!
Martha Gelarden
Martha Gelarden
01:23 27 Sep 23
With just one session, Cyndi helped to release my abdominal scars (one is 20 yrs old). My range of motion, especially rotation is greatly increased. 5 stars!
Angie Gray
Angie Gray
21:25 12 Aug 23
Cyndi was my instructor for McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® Class. She is a fantastic instructor. She took the time to make sure each of us in the class was very comfortable with the information and the technique. And, she has been so eager and helpful to assist along the way. The information I learned in the class has already been a great addition to my practice.
Pamela Bir
Pamela Bir
20:26 26 Jul 23
I don't understand NeuroKinetic Therapy but thank goodness, Cyndi does! I hobbled into the studio and 45 minutes later the lower back pain was gone! She was determined to find the problem and worked until she did. Can't recommend her enough.
Marie Montgomery
Marie Montgomery
04:23 10 May 23
I have received MSRT from Cyndi and taken the class from her. First, Cyndi has a wonderful energy about her that is so comforting and nurturing. The before and after pictures of my scars were impressive and I was able to gain a better range of motion and alignment in areas which I wasn’t even aware that my scars would cause such issues.Taking the class from her, it is evident that she has a passion for her work and this therapy. I enjoy learning from such teachers. She is also very willing to answer questions and make sure you understand and can apply the material learned in class.
Marina Banasek Radman
Marina Banasek Radman
23:59 22 Apr 23
I got to know Cyndi George at a gilbert chamber network meeting. During a meeting she gave a presentation about her expertise. Shortly after that, I was In serious accident and with her help she helped my mobility and worked on my scars. With Cyndi's help, I am back to being an active adult. I love her studio and the zen atmosphere she created! Thank you Cyndi!
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