Whether you are ready or not the Holiday season is coming faster and faster upon us and with it often comes a plethora of emotions and energy and sometimes unneeded drama. The body and mind absorb all this excess and sometimes phrenic energy and this can run havoc on our immune and nervous system. When these systems are compromised the body is more susceptible to colds, flu, depression, sleep cycle disturbances and emotions become shorter too. Reiki allows the practitioner to send beautiful calming and loving energy to the client and with this energy, the client relaxes, their nervous system calms and their body begins to heal energetically and on cellular level. Think of how the body repairs itself when it is sleeping, it is the same process with Reiki. Many people feel an overwhelming sense of warmth, joy and a deep meditative sensation, calming the mind and body. Remaining and floating in stillness is one amazing gift that Reiki brings to the client. Please note that Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical care and serious issues need to be addressed with your health care provider. Reiki can however take the edge off of feelings and emotions and that can be powerful. When youare ready, Reiki opens up the communication within itself so that the body begins to listen to it’s intuition, it’s inner voice, in terms of what is best for homeostasis.

If you want a little mini vacation from the world, kids, significant other, job etc. even a 30-minute Reiki session is enough to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. At Cynshine I also incorporate the use of essential oils, rocks and music to amplify your experience.

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Namaste y’all and here we go into the holiday season!